About Us

We are a consultancy firm based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We provide professional services ranging from consulting services to management training courses to psychometric assessments and team-building exercises. Our services cover the MENA region and beyond.

Our team of consultants comprises seasoned professionals who have worked in senior and challenging positions in leading organizations. Besides their recognized academic qualifications each of our consultants has over 20 years of professional experience and a proven track record of achievements and celebrated successes. Their passion for excellence and success is unwavering.

We are committed towards working closely with our clients to develop and deliver sustainable business solutions based on best practices and cost-effectiveness.

Our Core Values

Client Focused

We strive to provide our clients with a uniquely delighting experience. All of our processes, services and deliveries have been designed with the needs of the customer as number one priority. We will go the extra mile each and every time in the service of our customers. Our primary goal is to ensure that our services lead, from the client’s perspective, to value creation ultimately contributing towards the success and growth of the client’s business.

Creativity & Innovation

For any business to succeed it has to be creative and innovative. In our line of business it is a pre-requisite. Our clients demand and our success depends on it. We relentlessly seek and work very hard to continuously enhance our ability to generate new ideas and solutions for our clients. We embrace change and this attitude allows us to incorporate creativity & innovation as an integral component of all of our business processes.
Adaptability & Versatility

We hold great pride in our ability to be adaptive and versatile to meet the ever changing and demanding needs of our clients. Customers, faced with fiercely competitive environments, need adaptive solutions and versatile approaches to maintain their competitive edge. Our services and delivery systems are designed to offer our clients maximum flexibility and customisation while maintaining the highest levels of quality standards.

Partnership & Growth

Our aim is to establish long lasting partnership with our clients. Our growth is dependent on the growth of our client and the degree to which we add value to support our clients reach their maximum potential and achieve their strategic goals. It is critical for us to understand our client’s business and strategic imperatives in order to be able to provide sustainable solutions in a cost effective manner.

Our Experience

Our experience is drawn from a wide range of economic sectors covering Energy, Metal & Mining, Real Estate, Education, Insurance, Logistics & Procurement, and IT. Such a diversified portfolio enables us to provide our clients with tailor-made solutions.

Our Approach

Our involvement with clients starts from the initial idea and business concept to project case preparation, design review, and project implementation. The aim is to deliver a total integrated solution and services which are sustainable, exclusive, and have innovative touch and approach.

Our Clients

Dubai Aluminium DUBAL | TallyMarks Consulting
Majid Al Futtaim Group Employee Benefits and Perks | Glassdoor
Leader Sport Trading | ProTenders